Association of Technical 
Culture Rijeka

Association of Technical Culture Rijeka
Non Governmental Organisation in Technical Culture

Numerous awards and recognitions won at the city, regional and national level, are the best indicator and the reference of the Association of Technical Culture Rijeka (ATC Rijeka - NGO), as an association with the longest tradition in the city of Rijeka (Croatia), founded in 1946. ATC Rijeka is one of the main organizations of technical culture in the Republic of Croatia, which in 2016 celebrated a total of 70 years of technical creativity. 

According to the Croatian Association of Technical Culture, ATC Rijeka is one of the most important organizations in the implementation of programs and projects of technical culture, which in 2019 was entrusted national co-organization of the Festival of Technical Culture. The Festival brought together numerous experts and educators in technical culture, members of associations of technical culture at the national level and STEM professionals who organized workshops and demonstration exercises to wider stakeholders. ATC Rijeka as “an umbrella association” brings together 62 members (professional legal entities oriented in the field of technical culture) with over 3000 members who participate in the implementation of ICT and STEM programs, with an objective on the development of technical creativity of young people. 

With its members, ATC Rijeka covers a wide range of technical activities such as astronomy, ecology, photo-cinema-video techniques, microelectronics, robotics, informatics, innovation, yachting, model making, underwater activities, traffic, radio technology, technical sports activities at sea and water, aviation etc. 

ATC Rijeka recognizes entrepreneurship as the ability to create new ideas, products or services that include the operation of their competencies and meeting the needs of society. Therefore, ATC also performs an educational function that aims to change the value system through the rehabilitation of work, creativity and business ethics. ATC Rijeka was founded to provide extracurricular technical training and thus conducts activities of youth technical, technological, and information education. ATC Rijeka regularly participates with young people in the implementation of programs aimed at gaining a scientific approach to reality and insight into their preferences and abilities and directing them to choose technical and research occupations.        

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